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The Place

En mystisk mann sitter ved et kafébord og oppfyller folks største ønsker mot at de til gjengjeld utfører de merkeligste, og av og til grusomme, oppdrag. En nonne skal få tilbake troen om hun blir gravid, en gammel mann skal kureres for Alzheimer om kona planter en bombe på et offentlig sted, en jente skal bli penere om hun begår et ran på nøyaktig 100.000 euro og 5 cent.

If Perfect Strangers investigated the darkest sides of those who move among us, The Place scandalises the black souls that live within us. The man sitting at the bar, day and night (brought to life by Valerio Mastandrea), gives directions to people who turn to him for advice on how to achieve their own desires, signing a real-life contract with them. To become more beautiful, to spend a night with a porn star, to save a son, to regain sight, and to find God, are just some of the wishes that the various characters in the film reveal to the man at the bar. "It can be done," he answers as he writes quickly in his large planner, filled with notes in every corner of every page. But there is a price. A price that is very high in some cases: stealing a large sum of money, putting a bomb in a room, raping a woman... If the task is assigned, success is guaranteed. It will be up to them to decide whether or not to accept the agreement.

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